See how Cigna's health and wellness solutions made a difference for our members as well as how you and your employees can experience it first-hand.


Here at Cigna, we strive to be more than just a healthcare provider; we aspire to be your trusted health and wellness partner. Our solutions are therefore designed to see your team through their entire care journey from consultancy to execution. This way, they can have the freedom to live life to the fullest, knowing that we are there at every step of the way.

Cigna at work

Finding appropriate, quality care doesn't have to be a struggle. Take it from our members: they have each experienced different aspects of Cigna's health and wellness solutions to take their health into their own hands. Here's a closer look at how Cigna helped make a difference in their unique care journeys.


Obtaining a fast and reliable diagnosis through the Cigna Virtual Clinic

Leonard describes the almost immediate relief of having his health concerns allayed via online consultation, saving him time, money and a trip to the clinic.
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Finding the right healthcare provider via Cigna's Case Management

Ernest talks about the assurance of having a Case Manager throughout his care journey, who was there for him from diagnosis to recovery.
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Health & Wellness Solutions

Explore Cigna's full range of health and wellness solutions from proactive, preventive care to high-quality clinical intervention, designed to provide 360° care across all health stages.

Cigna Virtual Clinic (CVC)
The CVC is a healthcare app that allows for video consultations with doctors 24/7, 3-hour doorstep medication delivery, and more.

Lifestyle & Chronic Disease Management
Cigna provides lifestyle support with the aid of personal coaches and by detecting chronic diseases early on to offer better methods of care.

Case Management
Cigna's Case Managers guide our members throughout their care journey so that they always have access to customised, prompt and appropriate care.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Care
Cigna's MSK Care aims to raise awareness on common injuries and provide applicable strategies to prevent them via self-care tools and knowledge.

Mental Wellness
Cigna's Mental Wellness aims to improve the mental health of our members by equipping them with coping strategies and providing extra support for those who require it.

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