Memory Giving

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult process. The best thing that one can do to heal from the loss is to create a lasting memory of their life. Why not commemorate their life by making a donation in their memory? You might want to pay tribute and remember them by doing something really positive to celebrate their life: helping the most vulnerable.

Memory giving is a sustainable mode of donation that would secure the future of those suffering crisis in their daily lives. It is a meaningful way to extend his/her hopes and beliefs beyond the lifetime.

Your donation will make a huge impact and last forever as a legacy of the person being remembered. It is a beautiful and lasting memorial to each individual whose generosity helped to ensure the sustainability and continuity of care for people who require long-term aid. The life-saving contribution will go a long way to improve the lives of those in our care, such as the beneficiaries of TransportAid, FoodAid, Community Led Action for Resilience (C.L.A.R.E.) and Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

SRC will provide avenues to facilitate the commemoration through a personalised fundraising page where you can tell the story of the person you are remembering, and explain why you are raising money in their memory. SRC would use the same platform to show the impact of all the fundraising taking place in their memory. Alternatively, you may make the dedicated donation in confidence directly through our Finance Department who will make sure the process is smooth and the donation is secure.

Please email or call us at 6664 0500 to find out more about the Memory Giving programme.

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