Youth Development
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Singapore Red Cross is a firm believer of the common saying, 'The youth of today is the future of tomorrow'. Being part of the largest humanitarian network in the world, Singapore Red Cross continues to engage and inspire the younger generation to make a difference. Our Youth Development courses can provide youths with platforms for their voices to be heard and opportunities to spearhead social movements.

As our youths actively participate or spearhead social movements that matter to them, Singapore Red Cross offers a valuable platform for youths to become agents of social transformation and humanitarians who challenge the status quo to make real impact.

Youth Humanitarian Leadership Camp

For student leaders from 15 - 17 years old or any students who are interested in the social and humanitarian field

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3 days 2 nights camp



Minimum 24 pax  is required for group or school bookings

Youth Humanitarian Experiential Camp

For students from the age 11 - 14 years old

3 days 2 nights camp


Course will be available from 2019

Minimum 15 pax  is required for group or school bookings

Building Youth Resilience Workshop

For students or teenagers aged 10 years and above

16 hrs (2 days)



Minimum 18 pax  is required for group or school bookings

Youth as Agent of Psychosocial Support

For youth leaders

16 hrs



Minimum 18 pax  is required for group or school bookings

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  • The Eurasian Association recommended this camp to me, and my mother encouraged me to sign up for it. At first, I thought it would be boring and rigid with lots of drills. It was actually a really fun and enriching experience. I learnt a lot about leadership, self development and how to help others. I will be sure to share this camp with all my friends and I will definitely participate again. Thank you.

  • I got to know about this camp from my school after my teacher encouraged me to join the camp. It was very useful because it taught me about leadership, the different styles of leadership, and how I could be a better leader in life. I also learnt a lot about first aid, how to respond to different types of disasters, and how to help people who are in need of help. We visited five different social organisations; the working poor, the mentally ill and the physically disabled to empathise and understand their challenges, and to recommend ways to help them.

  • The instructors were some of the best and kindest people I’ve ever met. We hadn’t expected it but all of the instructors could relate to us because they are young adults themselves who understood what we were going through. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely attend if another camp was organised, it was amazing! I get excited just thinking about participating in the next camp. Thank you.