Job Details
Job Title: HSE Manager
Job Type: Contract
Job Description: Job Description
He/She shall possess a recognised Safety Professional qualification from any of the following institutions or equivalent:
  • Diploma in safety management by British Safety Council, UK
  • Certified Safety Inspector by ROSPA, UK
  • Member of IOSH, UK
  • Certified Safety Personnel, USA
The HSSE Manager shall be responsible for all matters relating to the safety of the CONTRACTOR's and its SUBCONTRACTORS' PERSONNEL and for the safety of the COMPANY's supervisory PERSONNEL on the WORKSITE. He/She shall not be employed in any other activities, which are to the detriment of his/her
attending to his/her duties as safety officer under this CONTRACT.
He shall engage an HSSE Officer for each WORKSITE where SCOPE is being carried out by the CONTRACTOR and/or its SUBCONTRACTOR labour force. An HSSE Officer shall be present during all times SCOPE on the WORKSITE is being executed, whether in overtime, per shift, or on COMPANY Holidays.

The HSSE Manager shall have not less than ten (10) years of proven relevant experience as a safety manager on oil and gas construction projects, have a degree or equivalent in engineering, and be conversant with all aspects of industrial safety requirements, methods and practices. He/She shall be fluent in English and be fully conversant with the COMPANY safety standards and procedure.
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